Arm Against : Attack

The world is not just full of well-meaning people with good moral compasses. As crime statistics testify, there are many who would subvert, steal or attack irrespective of legal process and protection. In the digital world, there are many who would willingly spread malware, exploit weaknesses and disable an organisation’s ability to operate. 

Likewise, for profit or gain, they will remove data and use it as a commodity to sell or to further social engineering attacks.

Victims are sometimes specifically targeted by individuals, gangs or event states. Linked with an intelligence building campaign they will endeavour to disrupt or destroy while making a profit.

An attack could also impact on an organisation randomly, only being successful because leaders have not prepared or taken their own cybersecurity seriously. Likewise, an organisation not protecting itself from an insider threat could also be subject to an attack

ExCyb provides a considerable opportunity for leaders and decision-makers to explore what could go wrong and how to respond. Using immersive learning and latest scenarios, that are relevant and timely, you will be led through a series of events which could impact on your organisation.

Now is the time to prepare and arm yourself for the inevitable attacks that could affect your organisation. ExCyb offers an ideal experience to help you in that task.