arm against : disruption

Most organisations are now heavily reliant on their own access to the internet, whether to trade, supply, communicate or for marketing. Keeping the digital pipeline working is a major responsibility and often the key ingredient in keeping organisations alive.

What happens if that pipeline is damaged or blocked?
What would your response be? 

The cause could be anything from a simple power cut to a catastrophic cyber attack to internal negligence. But how would you cope?

Who would be the key decision maker?

Who would provide trusted information intelligence and data on which to make decisions?

What would your communications strategy contain, and who would front it?

These are just some of the issues any organisation in crisis faces. Many practice for fire or power emergencies, but what effort is made to address digital disaster? 

The aim of the ExCyb immersive training is to help you think beyond the status quo in an organisation and consider what could happen, using examples from others facing disruption, and to raise your awareness of digital disruption and create a battle plan to arm your organisation in the event of a crisis.