Losing access to the normal working tools in any organisation can be extremely frustrating. A power outage caused by roadworks, a storm, an outbreak of flu or a burglary can all disrupt operations and cause varying degrees of chaos that needs to be managed.

As organisations move to high dependency on their internet or cyber connectivity, the failure of access is now a major threat with a growing risk, that could jeopardise any operational function.

Failure of access could be as a consequence of software faults, ineffective legacy systems, Denial of Service attacks or any number of malware or ransomware attacks.

Having a plan to deal with digital failure should be as practiced as a fire drill. Knowing who does what, how to respond and most importantly how to return to normality are key questions to be addressed.

In doing so, the organisation needs to identify any weaknesses and ensure that they are addressed, exactly as you would after a flood, power outage, a fire or a burglary. ExCyb offers the opportunity for you to arm against many different forms of digital failure and to ensure that you understand your responsibilities in a safe environment. Hopefully, those extreme failures will not occur, but through ExCyb you will be better prepared and much more able to deal with any digital crisis in whatever format it occurs.