ExCyb® is an exercise that is designed to develop company board level executives and senior leadership teams in coping with a cybercrime attack. It is an event that will be used to test the leaders of an organisation in their management and leadership capability and capacity, through an appropriate scenario that is cyber-focused.

The exercise helps leaders understand the complexities and challenges of cybercrime. It will be a strategic exercise and will not require prior technical knowledge. However, it will test crisis command and control capabilities and skills.

ExCyb® is a dynamic exercise that delivers a real-life immersive scenario-based learning. It will help leaders understand the challenges of managing a range of different crises. ExCyb® will design and execute a series of short scenarios and help leaders to understand their roles and responsibilities in a safe environment. 

The exercise will be managed by experienced and distinguished facilitators with specialist skills. The incident is developed in live time and is made realistic with bespoke video footage that raises the realism of what colleagues might face. It starts with a relatively minor issue that builds into a full crisis.

This includes many potential issues including public concern, media intrusion, stakeholder management, shareholder management, business continuity planning, preparedness, policies, procedures, resilience, team dynamics and tensions under pressure.

The exercise usually lasts for a day, although this is flexible and, at its conclusion, there is an action plan for the client to take forward. It is an ideal part of executive development and team building with business purpose.