Half Of Global Organisations Not Prepared For Cyberattacks

It is believed that more than 4,000 cyberattacks occur daily worldwide, but half of organisations across the globe admit they are not prepared for such events.

A new report has found that only 49 percent of chief information security officers believe in their company's ability to respond to a hacking incident or data breach.

The Cyber Trendscape 2020 report was released by the cybersecurity firm FireEye, which surveyed 800 chief information security officers and other senior executives in North American, Europe, and Asia.

'The goal of this initiative was to identify trends impacting cybersecurity decisions, the top cybersecurity priorities for 2020 and beyond, the focus of risk mitigation strategies, and to highlight the overall beliefs and perceptions held by senior executives regarding the state of the cyber threat landscape and how the cybersecurity industry, governments and regulatory agencies are responding to their needs,' reads the report.

Executives in the US were found to be the most confident with 72 percent stating they are fully prepared, but just a quarter of organizations in Japan said they could handle a cyberattack.

Approximately 47 percent of organisations in the countries studied noted they are 'somewhat ready,' but overall they would struggle to respond well.

And a small four percent said they are not ready at all for any type of hack or data breach and although this does not sound like a large number, 'it accounts for one in 25 organizations around the world'.

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