Report outlines key business cybersecurity trends for 2020

A new report from Trend Micro gives businesses advanced warning of what they should do to protect their organisations in 2020.

The report says that threat actors remain undeterred from compromising systems for their own gain. A new report from Trend Micro presents the key cybersecurity concerns for businesses for 2020.

The evolving cybersecurity landscape proves challenging for businesses as threat actors shift and adapt in their choice of attack vectors and tactics. In turn, this prompts the need for businesses and users to stay ahead of the curve.

Trend Micro's report predicts four key themes that will define 2020 including how the future is Complex, Exposed, Misconfigured and Defensible.

From The New Norm report, the key predictions that businesses need to be aware of during 2020 include:

  • Banking systems will be in the cross-hairs with open banking and ATM malware. The report predicts that Operators of mobile malware dedicated to attacking online banking and payment systems will be prolific in 2020.

  • Cybercriminals will turn to blockchain platforms for their transactions in the underground. For example, smart contracts will enable cybercriminals to formalize cryptocurrency payments and record them on the blockchain.

  • “Deepfakes” will be the next frontier for enterprise fraud. This means employees will have to learn to identify telltale signs of deepfakes, such as a different intonation, slow speech, and artificial-looking skin in videos.

  • IoT devices will be used for espionage and extortion. For instance, using machine learning and AI to listen in on connected devices in enterprise settings, such as smart TVs and speakers.

  • Home offices and other remote-working setups will redefine supply chain attacks. This means organizations will have to be wary of risks introduced by work-from-home arrangements and internetconnected home devices that blur the lines in enterprise security.
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