Ringing The Changes For IOT Security

Buying and installing a cyber-doorbell through which you can monitor callers even if you are away from home makes sense, yes? Not unless you are a user from Alabama who has launched a $5million legal against action after it is alleged that a hacker cracked the Ring doorbell and started harassing the family.

Hack attacks against organisational and domestic Internet Of Things devices have been mooted for some considerable time and there was also a story about a young girl who had a conversation with "Santa" who managed to hack a Ring camera in her bedroom!

US-based magazine vice tested Ring's security and came to the conclusion it was awful.

In keeping with the most common form of defence, Ring blamed its users: "Customer trust is important to us, and we take the security of our devices and service extremely seriously. As a precaution, we highly encourage all Ring users to follow security best practices to ensure your Ring account stays secure," it said.+

Another third party examining the security threats behind Ring came up with the following advice.

  • Secure the home network.
  • Use two-factor authentication with Ring network.
  • Avoid password reuse.
  • Add users via Ring, don’t send people your credentials.
  • Pay attention to what may be picked up by the device. May have to adjust angles.

The main problem is that the Ring network does have some security issues that would be good to fix or improve, including:

  • No limits on failed login attempts.
  • No checks of passwords against lists of compromised passwords.
  • No indication of how many/who are logged in.
  • Ring doesn’t check and verify attempts to access from unlikely IP addresses (e.g., foreign IP)
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