UK Launches Third NCSC Annual Review

Paymaster General and Minister for the Cabinet Office Oliver Dowden MP has launched the UK's National Cyber Security Centre's third Annual Review.

In his presentation speech, he said: "Thank you, everyone, for joining us this morning. Cybersecurity is genuinely a massive priority for the government and it gives me great pleasure to launch the National Cyber Security Centre’s third Annual Review.

Now it took me around three seconds to say that. That’s not a very long period of time.

But in cyberspace, as you all know, an awful lot can happen in those three seconds.

Two hundred thousand and more Google searches made.

Eight and a half million emails can be sent.

Incalculable sums of money – not to mention priceless data – potentially lost to cyber criminals.

And there’s no reason in asking Alexa to help get it back, I’m afraid she’s not going to be of any help.

But we are very fortunate that we have a stronger ally than Alexa, and that is in the National Cyber Security Centre.

The Centre was created in 2016 and has helped make the UK safer.

Securing the internet is a 24/7 challenge, 365 days a year, in a complex landscape whose contours constantly change.

And in an area where success is measured in events that don’t happen – the dog that didn’t bark; the crippling cyber attack that wasn’t; the public trust in our digital systems that wasn’t compromised – we are, demonstrably, heading in the right direction.

A fifth fewer incidents of computer misuse were experienced by adults in England and Wales last year than in the previous twelve months.

The NCSC is working. And the government’s wider National Cyber Security Strategy is working too.

The full speech is available here.

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