The Worst 10 Cyberattacks Of The Decade

To most people who read the tech news and take an interest in all things cyber, hacking and cyberattacks are a daily occurrence. As organisations attempt to build cyberwalls to protect their data, hackers and cybercriminals get more sophisticated in how they penetrate firewalls and steal data.

As we head into 2020, it is not only the size of the data that is being stolen but the sensitivity.

TechRepublic has published a  list of the top ten most important cyberattacks of the decade and it makes for grim reading.

Included in the list is the 2013 hack where three billion - yes, that is billion - Yahoo accounts were hacked, making this the largest attack ever.

In 2017 the Equifax hack pales into insignificance when 143 million customers' data went AWOL, but the sensitivity of the information taken included social security numbers, dates of birth, driving licences and credit card details.

Other breaches affected Marriott Hotels, extramarital website Ashley Madison and Capital One.

The full TechRepublic story can be seen here.

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